January 9, 2012

Random Question: Reality TV - Why do I watch what I watch?

Well friends, I would like to talk honestly about something - something that has taken a hold of me and I am not sure why. I would like to talk about The Jersey Shore. Yes, the reality show. I am not sure why, but I watch the show. I can not say that I like it, but I can say that I have watched every episode (I spent a weekend "involved" with a marathon of it). And now I find myself continuing to watch the new season and actually felt bad last week when Vinnie (my favorite, yes I have a favorite, male character) was homesick (I too, have experienced homesickness and can feel his pain).

I don't understand this. Anyone that knows me knows that I don't like watching people fight, or argue on television - It makes me uncomfortable, and my stomach acids boil. Yet I watch the Situation start fights in bars like it is my new part time weekend job. What is even more interesting to me is the fact that I CAN NOT stand, and refuse to watch the show That Shall Not Be Named (I refuse to mention the name of the show because it gives them power, but I can tell you that the Show That Shall Not Be Named is on E! and is about some overly indulged, under talented sisters and the money grubbing mother).

Now, at one time I also refused to watch The Jersey Shore thinking that it was just plain bad TV, but the more that I watch the more that I watch. I won't watch any of the Housewives of ? I have not watched The Real World since the 7th grade, and 16 and Pregnant makes me doubt that I EVER want children? So therefore, how can I watch the Jersey Show without feeling physically ill like when I hear about the Show That Shall Not Be Named? What is it about Snookie, JWOW and Paulie D that I find interesting? Why do I EVEN know the names of these people? Is it that I have sworn off The Bachelor franchise and crave this genre of television? Is it that I secretly want to have bigger hair, party more, and go tanning? Is it that I find it interesting from a Pastoral Care point of view? What is it?

Please shed some light on this. I feel better now that I have gotten this off my chest!


T of The Darwin Girls said...

So funny! I can't bring myself to watch any of the shows you mentioned, but I am a slave to one reality tv show, The Biggest Loser. It is a good point you raise about why we get hooked on certain reality tv shows. I think there's no rhyme or reason, except that maybe are brains are SO TIRED sometimes, that we need to watch something that requires absolutely no brain activity?

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