January 12, 2012

A Bone to Pick: Children's Toy Packaging

The holiday hangover is long gone but my aggravation with children's toy packaging won't budge. Why on Earth do these toy manufacturers feel the need to reinforce a cheap toy with Fort Knox-like securities? Why does a gadget need a cardboard box twice its size, 4 impossible-to-cut zip ties, twist ties, a plastic screen, and cellophane wrapping?!? I mean, seriously!!! Its like, here you go kid, here's a really cool toy, but you can't play with it until Daddy gets the chainsaw, vice grips, and industrial strength wire cutters out.

Since becoming a parent, I've been paying attention to toy packaging. We recycle everything that can be recycled so if I have a choice between two toys, one with recyclable packing and one without, guess which one I'm buying? This is yet another reason why I love getting hand-me-down toys - they come with no packaging! One of my favorite line of toys has eco-friendly packaging, unusual colors, and a sense of humor. There are plenty of companies out there making an effort to be mindful of the Earth and I like that. Check out The Earth Friends, Etsy, and Green Toys. I also find local consignment shops and Craigslist good sources for kid's toys. Your kid doesn't care about the packaging so save some cash and the environment by buying eco-friendly or used.


Chrissy said...

toy packaging is the worst! I opened one the other day that just had these three plastic disks that you turned and then the toy came right out! I've been raving about it ever since!

Natalie Martinez Rush said...

Agree!!! Thanks for the link to the toys! I've seen some of those and others I hadn't and I think we need to get!! :)

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