November 16, 2011


I haven't been reading much lately. I blame Angry Birds, the little feathery missiles who distract me before bedtime. I held out from joining the fad for a while, but then the hubby got it on his phone. I played till the battery died through first night.

Another fad I avoided for a while was Harry Potter. When it finally took hold I read through the night and called in sick the next day. I'm currently avoiding the Twilight thing. I read the first one via audiobook and the heroine was awfully whiny and not particularly heroic. And the idea that high schoolers were so crazy in love was too much. (Vampires ok, true love in high school totally unrealistic!) I'm not sure that Angry Birds was worth caving, but Harry Potter totally was.

Darwin girls, are the Twilight books/movies worth it?


E of the Darwin Girls said...

Good thing you finally read Harry Potter! I read the Twilight books. They were a quick, very easy, fun read. I would recommend the Emily Giffin series - they were great "beach books".

A of the Darwin Girls said...

Read - Twilight! They are fun and fast!

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