November 17, 2011

A Bone to Pick: Household Cleaning Supplies

I've got a bone to pick with the people who market household cleaning supplies. I am really tired of watching well-dressed women dance around their vacuum cleaners and mops with huge smiles on their faces like all they ever wanted to do when they grew up was to have shiny floors. These are NOT real women. Real women sweep and mop their floors with bird's nest hair in their ratty slippers and faded pj's.

These commercials also piss me off because they rarely show men cleaning. My husband cleans, my father cleaned (and cooked), and I want my daughter to expect her future partner to pitch in with the cleaning. I don't think there should be any "his and her chores." I think a home can be happier when it is more egalitarian. And if you both know how to do everything, things can get done when you want them done. Ok, rant done.


Gnat said...

agree(100000). My husband cleans and cooks and is an equal participant in all household chores. I think since having our baby he may do MORE because I do more with the baby. It would be nice if they marketed it that way.

Sadly there are still so many men out there who do nothing around the house....because that is what their fathers did. All I can say to their wives is Good luck! ;)

J of the Darwin Girls said...

Have you noticed the toy aisle? Vacuum cleaners and brooms in the girls department! Guns and weapons for boys.

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