October 27, 2011

Couponing Queen

About a year ago I went to a couponing seminar. Dorky, right? If going to CVS and having them pay you $7 to shop there is dorky, then I'm queen of the dorks. There's a learning curve to couponing so you have to dedicate some time to it in the beginning, but once you get the hang of it, it is addicting. I am now consistently saving about 25%-50% on my grocery bill. I'm not one of those crazy hoarders who takes everything off the shelf. Normal couponers hate it when people do that. I mean, who needs 43 toothbrushes?

So here are a few tips to get you started. I'm only sharing a few things because it can get overwhelming.

1) If you live in the Tampa Bay area, go to www.truecouponing.com. Find a class near you.
2) Buy your Sunday newspaper in multiples of two. This is because when things are BOGO, you can apply a coupon to each item - the one you pay for and the one that's free.
3) Plan ahead. Just about every item will go on sale on a 12 week cycle. If you LOVE ketchup (like A does), you'll want to wait until it is on sale, then buy enough to last you about 12 weeks.
4) See if your grocery store makes their own coupons. You can "stack" coupons, which means that if spaghetti sauce is BOGO, you can use 2 manufacturers coupons and 2 store coupons. In this case, you'll get two jars of spaghetti sauce for about 50 cents, depending on the coupon amounts.

I now use coupons for everything! I save on tire alignments, Dunkin Donuts, online clothes purchases, groceries, cleaning supplies, toiletries, facials, etc.


J of the Darwin Girls said...

This is awesome!

E of the Darwin Girls said...

Thank you T. I am going to look for a tire coupon to use this weekend!

Gnat said...

I forgot to tell you! My sisters, cousin and I went to the workshop! It was genius! I still haven't quite figured it out but we are working on it! This week is my first couponing shopping trip! We'll see how it goes. I don't have a lot of back stock of coupons yet so just going to figure out what we can save on now! Thanks for the recommendation!

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