October 28, 2011

Jack-o-lanterns! and yummy pumpkin seeds

Turns out it's hard to take pics of lighted Jack-o-lanterns... they're either wobbly like this one or have too much flash to be spooky (see below).

The Carving
The hubby and I found pictures of ourselves and amped up the contrast until it was mostly black and white (no gray). The we printed out the pics and traced them onto the pumpkin. Unfortunately our carving skills and giant knives kept us from the picture-perfect execution we were hoping to achieve, but we think we got the gist across.

The Seeds
We scooped the seeds and rinsed them. Then I sprinkled them with olive oil, chili powder, salt and pepper. I tossed them with the spices and spread them on a cookie sheet, trying to keep one layer. I was baking something else, so the oven was already on 350. I let them bake for a bit, stirred them around a bit (un-sticking them from the pan, mostly), and let them bake some more. I don't remember how long it took, I just kept tasting them till they were crunchy enough for me!

-- J


E of the Darwin Girls said...

Thank you for the recipe. I really would like to make some pumpkin seeds this year.

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