October 26, 2011

Newest neighbor

Just in time for Halloween...

This lady visits and creates a giant web just outside our front door. (I know it's the female b/c I googled it. The male is smaller and hangs out nearby, but not in the web.) She is terrifyingly large, but not poisonous (also googled). Then I noticed one on the back porch.  And one over the big rosebush at the corner of the house. And one in the garden.
I looked them up to keep myself from panic. But it turns out they will not crawl into my baby's room and eat her. They just eat bugs.

So now I feel some affection for her (and her friends). Perhaps I should come up with names for them? Any suggestions?


E of the Darwin Girls said...

Charlotte seems appropriate!

Chrissy said...

so creepy! I'd name them "heebie" and "jeebie" ewww!

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