January 4, 2012


My baby girl is going to turn 1 in about 5 weeks.

I need a theme for her birthday party. I learned from A that parties need a theme.  E is a pro at designing invitations that go with the themes.

Here's the thing. E's birthday is right before Valentine's Day. I don't want to do pink and red and hearts and lace and stuff.  I don't want to do princesses, see T's post from a few weeks ago. And really, she won't remember the party, right? And it's not like SHE has friends, the friends are just mine and Rob's... and partly it's a celebration of Hubs and I surviving the last year, right?

I want to make pretty invitations.  I want to cook fun things like these, and I want to decorate and make favors around a theme.  I need something that will be fun and enjoyable for grown-ups and yet be sweet and nice and fun for her. I need something that our guy friends and our gal friends will find equally charming... A, E, T, readers, any ideas?



A of the Darwin Girls said...

What about a Mother Goose theme, and then rather than getting presents do what Tami did and have people donate books to give away.

A of the Darwin Girls said...

There could be a humpty dumpty cake, people could dress as characters, you could eat deviled eggs that can become "Humpty Dumpty" eggs, and oatmeal and raisins can be "Little Miss Muffet"'s curds and whey. For dessert, you could have a pie that "Little Jack Horner" sat in the corner eating.

J of the Darwin Girls said...

OMG, A, you are a genius! I love it! We are doing a "bookworm" theme with dirt cake and garden salad for lunch. But Mother Goose is in many many books, so I will think about Humpty Dumpty and Cow that Jumped Over the Moon and such.

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