November 1, 2011


When I first met the girls I was a bit more reserved…. well, maybe a lot more. Quickly I learned that dressing up in costumes, taking lots of photographs, and choreographed danced routines were the norm. I was happy to embrace all the new traditions. And before you ask, yes we have a theme song with coordinating dance moves.

Lucky for me, my daughter likes to dance as much as I do. We tend to dance to princess songs or The Lion King, but recently we found a new song to enjoy. It was Justin Bieber’s Baby. One day, I am going to document my daughter’s rendition of this song. It is pretty funny.

Another guilty pleasure, in addition to choreographed dance, is watching wedding videos. I don’t even need to know the people. I am, and always will be the sappy, hopeless romantic. So when this video popped up my Google Reader the other day, I had the best of both worlds! Just watch!

aaron+judith surprise performance from studio205films on Vimeo


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