October 11, 2011

More Than Cake

Welcome to The Darwin Girls. We are excited to be blogging about anything and everything under the sun.

Over the past thirty-some years, I have had some exciting birthdays - a visit to a nature center and the opportunity to wear a snake and a crazy 21st bash with all The Darwin Girls, friends, and even people I didn't know just to name a few. Nowadays, I am happy to have friends, family, and a Dairy Queen ice cream cake. Recently on Pinterest, I came across this pin. It seems like the author of Mix, Mingle, and Glow spent her birthday completing 38 acts of kindness. I love this idea, and hope I able to do something similar in the years to come.

Have you every done anything special for your birthday?

{All images c/o Mix, Mingle, and Glow}


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