October 12, 2011

J meets her Tennessee neighbors

1) Shiloh, our ten-month-old puppy, has been misbehaving lately. We are probably bad trainers/parents. She will be starting lessons at PetSmart soon.

2) The new house has a fenced-in yard, which is great for her to run around. (Rob and I like to play fetch with her, though she still hasn't mastered the idea that she's supposed to drop whatever it is she's fetched when she brings it back to us. She brings it, but then fights us when we try to get it so we can throw it again.) This fenced-in yard is not so much attached to the house. There are ten-ish yards from the back door to the gate. 

3) We live on a pretty busy road. It is the main road in these here parts.

1+2= Shiloh got out the other day in between the gate and the house. She usually will go straight from yard to house, but this time she ran all over the place. +3= I was scared of her getting hit by a car.

I ran inside and grabbed her treats, which are usually quite enticing, and to which she will almost always run. I went out the front door to see her dilly-dallying in the road. I called and called, and finally she crossed the street into our neighbor's yard. From this yard we frequently hear barking, so I figured she was curious and trying to make friends. I walked over after her and saw some kind of Doberman mix. I begged Shiloh, shook the box of bones to get her to come back home to me, but to no avail. Turns out Doberman was friendly and they sniffed each other's butts. I was glad about that, but still trying to get her to follow me home.

Neighbor man (probably 25-30ish yeard old) sticks head out the window: What's goin' on out there?
Me: Just trying to get my dog to come back home!

Finally, after more calling and shaking of dog biscuits, I walked back across the street and knocked on the church's office window to get Rob to come help me. He came out, but I was already back to crossing the street.

Other neighbor man (similar age) was pointing a hand gun at our puppy. Yes. Pointing a HAND GUN at my puppy.

Me (clearly channeling my inner youth group leader): Put that thing away, that is totally unnecessary!

Him: Well, at least she's sitting still. (It's true, she was sitting in front of him as if waiting for a treat, tail wagging.)

Me: That is ridiculous!

First neighbor man (has a mullet) comes out with shotgun/rifle thing (I don't know the difference, I must need to watch more CSI). In aiming said gun, which was initially pointing at the sky, he points it past my head and then down at the dog (still wagging tail).

Me: You ****ing *******s! What the **** are you doing!

Rob (catching up to me): What the?! Please stop (I was not sure if this was about me cursing them out or about them pointing the guns... Rob, will you clarify?)

Me: What the **** is wrong with you, you *** **** ********?!

Rob: Shiloh! (Of course she comes right over, she loves him better than me.) We are calling the police, this is nuts!

Then we took happy tail-wagging dog back to our house.

And we called 911. Yes, I realize this was not an emergency anymore, but I do not have the real phone number to the po-po anywhere. Two sheriffs came, we told them what happened, they went across the street and talked to the neighbors. Apparently they are allowed to "defend their land" against scary puppies. And they claim it was an air rifle. Whatever that means. It does not explain the handgun. Or the mullet.

That is how we met our neighbors.



Chrissy said...

Holy cow J!! That's one heck of a story! Glad you are all ok!

Leslie Rodriguez said...

What a nightmare!!! Good grief - I can't believe it. Glad you all are alright!!

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