February 10, 2012

Jimmy, Hugh, Anderson

I feel like the Jimmy/Hugh/Anderson debate is really about brains, a bod, or a sense of humor.

Unfortunately for us, this isn't a true separation of talents, because Hugh is quite hilarious, and he sings and dances, too!

Jimmy is adorable on top of being hilarious, and let's be honest, to be funny, you also have to be smart.

Anderson, IMHO is well, very smart.

However, what I think the question is really asking (again), is brains, beauty, or laughs. And I choose laughs. Information gets outdated, bodies sag, but a sense of humor is forever.

For the record, I would much rather laugh with Wolverine than Anderson, who giggles like a young child. (Check it out starting at 2:45)

Also for the record, I have been blessed enough to marry a man with brains a bod, and who makes me laugh! Love you, HUBS!!


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