January 25, 2012

The First Craft in prep for Baby's birthday

Baby Girl is a book worm! She loves books and will choose them from among a pile of toys to play with. So we decided to have a garden-themed party, perfect for a worm like her!
These little flowers will go in bitty flower pots for the favor. They're simple to make, but cute!

Supplies: Buttons, beads, wire, scissors (or wire-cutters), and floral tape

1. Cut a length of wire and gently fold in half. 

2. Add beads to the middle of the wire.

3. Add a button with the beads in the middle of two button holes.
4. Twist the wire together.
Here are some other examples...

5. Wrap with floral tape! Floral tape is funny stuff-- it doesn't feel sticky till it's stretched and warmed by your fingers, but then it will stick gently and effectively.

6. I put my little button buds in bouquets by taping three of them together at different heights.

Some hints: play around with colors and lengths till you get the desired effect.  I found that narrowing my colors to reddish, whitish, and tealish gave the flowers a more unified feel.
Knowing what you're going to do with them will help you determine the ideal length for the stems.


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