January 18, 2012

5 things I'm thankful for.

Five Things I've Been Thankful for Lately

1. Dramamine.  We made a long road trip to Florida and back over the holidays.  I sat with the baby in the backseat for much of the trip.  I am glad for Dramamine.

2. Sprout TV and the Excersaucer.  Sometimes this is the only way I am able to take a shower, especially since baby girl has gone mobile.

3. Zippers. One broke on my jacket the other day.  I could pull it up but not down.  I finally had to take it off over my head, and having pulled the zipper all the way up, it was a tight fit! I am grateful for functional zippers.

4. Instant cake mix.  I made a kick-butt Red Velvet cake the other night for guests, and then I made yellow cake cookies with fudge icing the next night.  From cake mix. Yum!

4. My Friends (yes, cheesey, but true). They are so fun and silly and they make me laugh at bunny rabbits and Betty white and Tim Tebow.  They also have stuff going on in life and are tough broads.


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