December 27, 2011

Under The Sea

Like most children at some point in their life, Little E loves the ocean. I may have rubbed off on her a bit - fish are, of course, my favorite animal! However, this summer at the beach she was a pig in mud. We collected ugly white shell after ugly white shell. Yes, I am a bad mom and threw a lot of them back when she was not looking.

Little E's birthday is on the horizon. I asked her if she wanted a theme for her party. (A, she loves themes. You would be so proud.) This year it seems we will be including the ocean and seahorses! I started planning by making a board on Pinterest of ideas. It will be lots of fun to turn my mom's dining room into an aquatic environment. Do you have any favorite ideas for a child's birthday party?


T of The Darwin Girls said...

That sea crown is super cute!

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