November 10, 2011

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year...

... is Autumn!

Autumn includes cooling weather which means I get to wear scarves and sweaters and boots.
Autumn is when I was born! The trees are gorgeous in autumn. Halloween is in Autumn, and Halloween includes my favorite pastime, playing dress-up. (This year I made hats for me and baby so we could be Princess Leia and Yoda, respectively.  We wore white robes.  Hubby was Luke and wore goofy blonde wig and cargos. And Yoda in the Baby Bjorn.) And, last but not least, campfires!
My mom sent me these (from Papmered Chef) for my birthday so I can make s'mores without tromping through the woods to find the perfect stick.

Also in Autumn, I begin thinking about Christmas, which is of course the other Most Wonderful Time. I am thinking about crafts for gifts, decorations, everything! How much time I have to make all these things I'm seeing that look like so much fun... whole 'nother story.
Some ideas:

Garland made from paper circles, modified by using last year's Christmas cards.
Knit ornaments
Rosemary-infused salt.  I'm using rosemary from my garden and calling it Turkey Rub.

Happy Autumn, everyone!


E of the Darwin Girls said...

I love the rosemary sea salt!!

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